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Inside the Den 12-8-11

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    The Bismarck Bobcats continue to roll.    If you haven't see the Bobcats play yet, you're missing out. Tia Streeter-KX Sports: They're the only team in the NAHL to have clinched a playoff berth. But
Bismarck, ND -

The Bismarck Bobcats won two more over the weekend making them the second ranked team in the entire NAHL.

With only two losses on the road this season, the Cats travel well.

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: The Bismarck Bobcats are 21 and 5, in those 26 games, 5 have been played into extra minutes or a shoot out. For Bismarck, while they'd rather win in regulation, but their shoot out play is excellent.


Tommy Burke- Bobcats Goalie: first you Ota let the rest of the game go it doesn't matter how good or bad you played before you still gotta try to get two points and get the win the rest of the game, every points counts so I just try to bare down and try to make as many saves as I can to help the team win.

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: Bobcats goalie Tommy Burke was in on both shoot out wins. And while he doesn't love shoot outs like most fans, he does love to go one on one.

Tommy Burke-Bobcats Goalie:every goalie's different but I've worked with Layne a little bit and he tries to tell me to be patient and let them make the first move and then react to it don't try to guess what they're going to do because then they'll go the other way and take advantage of you just take what's given and try to take as much away as you can.

Layne Sedevie-Bobcats Head Coach:as a goal tender you don't want to make the first move you've gotta be patient and defiantly went over that with Burkey there and Nelly and we've gotten into two shoot outs this year and gotten two wins so I think our goal tenders have defiantly given us a chance to win and that's what they've got to do in a shoot out and he came up with a big save late in the final round.

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: In the two shoot outs, four of the five shots have been taken by the same players, Head Coach Layne Sedevie says he prepares for a shoot out as if it's a new game.

Layne Sedevie-Bobcats Head Coach:we know how important a point or two points can be in February and March there's definitely a strategy that goes into it and guys are better at shoot outs than others we didn't start out very well in our shoot out but our last three guys found a way to get it in the back of the net and scored some nice goals for us and we scored two points.The Bobcats host Minot this Saturday.

Game time is 7:15.

and you can still buy tickets to the Cats game on December 21st against the Russian Red Stars, but the Cats say empty seats are almost gone.

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