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Siblings Challenge Each Other with Christmas Light Show


 Here's something that would be fun to see by airplane--or by car.



It's a story we've covered before...about two neighbors in Southeast Bismarck...with a friendly Christmas lights competition.

In their fifth year of dazzling drivers...The brother and sister living across the street from each other... amp it up even more than before.

Amber Schatz shows us their growing light show... glowing with rave reviews.













































Through computers, music and thousands of home-made light displays...

The 2011 Holiday season is especially bright on this block.

Gigi Wilz/Homeowner, "It's funny but the lights aren't on all the time, so it's not like we're a huge energy boost out here, we did get a little slack last week when we had those power problems, surges, kind of blamed us for turning the lights on, but it's really not that bad."

Luckily Gigi's neighbor across the street, probably won't complain.

It's her older brother Greg, Co-orchestrator of the show, and competitor for "best in show" light display...


Gigi, "We call it a competition, but it's more of a collaboration."

"Kids love his house because it has a lot of fun stuff, snowball fights, and waving Santa Clauses, and lots of colors, and mine's a little more traditional with reds, and whites and greens."

Greg, "We build them all, so we actually start the groundwork of building in September, the new stuff we add every year, and then the next month, we start putting lights up the weather won't bother."

Another fixture out front;

People lined up in their vehicles to see the spectacular sight.

Greg,"People tell us all the time, they go out of their way to roll down their windows and say it's wonderful, thanks for doing it."

Gigi, "We've had reaction of tears, to kids wanting to run through the yard."

Alyssa Larson/9-year-old, "It's really awesome."

Preston Lemar,"I like it all! "The music!"

Rosemary Hert/Repeat Viewer, "I like it because of the music associated with the lights, and then how the lights reflect the music that's played."

Greg, "Some people come up here and tell us, you know it reminds me of when I was a kid, and other folks just come and listen to the music and reminisce I think about their past."

 "As a kid, if there weren't lights on your house, there's a chance Santa Clause might not come..."

There's no way Santa, or any passer-by could miss this...

Alyssa Larson/9-year-old, "I like the Xmas trees that are dangling and stuff."

Preston Lemar, "I like the one right there, it's all the different colors and then it change the swirly thing."

"We added the stars this year and actually have a shooting star."

 "we put the fireworks up on the pillars and they're pretty cool, but I still get kids to say the snowmen are the greatest."

Neither Greg nor Gigi will say how much money they have spent on lights... Just that it's an expensive hobby.

However, every year, they are paid back in full... by the glowing reviews.

Greg Wilz/Brother,"If it brings a smile to people, that's what it's all about, and our way of saying Merry Xmas to everybody."

Amber Schatz, KX News.




You can see the light show from 5:30-10:30 weekdays, or 5:30-11:00 on the weekends...

To get to the homes, you go south on 66th street until you cross the railroad tracks... then take the first left on a gravel road... On the gravel road take the first right and go up the hill and around the curve.


























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