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Preventing Frostbite In Frigid Temperatures


Cold temperatures are setting in, keeping many of you indoors.
If you do have to brave the cold, it's important to make sure you keep your skin covered.
Jon Berg talked with those out in the cold today and an expert who has steps for you to take if you get frostbite.

<<"Yes we have people that come in that have blisters, that have actual necrotic fingers, toes and noses where the tissue has actually died," Jennifer Beckwith, MD at Sanford Health said.
The cold weather is nothing new in North Dakota, but the danger of frostbite is still there.
"You'll notice that your hands will get pale or blue, but then it can progress to a burning or tingling pain and if it progresses even further it can become very numb," Beckwith said.
Standup: With the frigid temperatures hitting the area, students at Bismarck State College are being forced to do what they can, to stay warm between classes.
"I've got, two layers of gloves, hat that combines as a scarf and then long sleeve shirt on underneath, it's still cold though," Alicia Marsh said.
"Well obviously I'm wearing gloves, but otherwise I guess I'm parking as close as I can to the school," Kylie Berger said.
"I've got my big winter coat on, I've got my fuzzy gloves on, I've got my hat, I have some warmers in my shoes, it's pretty cold out," Cody Schirado said.
If all those warm layers of clothing still have your skin numb when you get indoors, it's best to heat your body with not hot, but warm water.
"If you have a whirlpool that's best, because it circulates the water around whatever is feeling cold or frozen," Beckwith said.
But these BSC students are spending as little time out in the cold, and trying to spend most of their day inside.
"I'm trying to use my car as much as I can, because you don't want to stay out here walking between buildings," Marsh said.
"I like to stay inside because I hate winter, I don't know why I live in North Dakota," Berger said.>>

Beckwith says you should seek medical attention if you start to get blisters on your skin and aren't able to re warm yourself.


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