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Donald Gerald Sentenced to Twenty Years in Prison


He spied on their kids while they slept. Today the victims' tell a Judge how Donald Gerald's crimes have impacted them.

It's the end to a case that has brought many families nightmares for the past year and a half...

Donald Gerald is sentenced today to 20 years in prison for twelve crimes that involve home intrusions and window peeping.

Today during his sentencing hearing, the victims speak out.

Donnell Preskey has their story.

<< "What would you like to see as a sentence in this case?


One by one, victims described how their families suffer from severe emotional trauma after Donald Gerald's home intrusions.

"How could a 2 x convicted sex offender be in my home and near by girls as we lay in our beds in our home? And in doing so he took away a very basic need, the need to feel safe and secure.

"My kids weren't allowed to be kids anymore. My wife wouldn't let them play outside alone, ride their bikes around the neighborhood."

"There was someone waiting for you in your return to our home. Some body very prepared. Had you entered our home again, you may have met another fate. One far different than the one you receive here today."

Gerald is a habitual offender with a past of stalking and peeping.

And for months the high risk sex offender was entering homes and yards to watch young girls sleep.

Authorities connected him to 12 homes, but they have said they believe he was near dozens more.

"His ankle braclett didn't deter him one bit. He got out of jail a month later and he was out doing the same thing he was doing before. That's why I don't think he should see the light of day ever again."

"The longer you keep him in jail, the safer our community will be. Because the next time he gets out a little girl will go missing."

"This man has proven, he can not handle being out of prison. He got a kick out of being chased on the street so much so he came back a week later. If he sees the light of day, I'm 100% certain that before the doors are shut behind him in prison he will be in someone's house doing this again."

Gerald's attorney says his client didn't mean any harm, he was just there to "look".

"There was no desire or intent of him touching anyone, he wanted to feel like he was part of something."

"He took something from their families, he violated their homes their sense of security, privacy, something they can't get back. It's something he needs to be punished for."

Gerald will serve 20 years in prison, and have 20 more years hanging over his head if he does not follow his probation rules following his prison sentence.>>

Judge Reich brought up a question many people have asked since this story broke... How could Gerald be on GPS monitoring while on supervision and break into so many homes before he was caught.

Gerald was at one home 36 times.

Director of the Department of Corrections, Leann Bertsch, says the probation department did nothing wrong in this case.

She says the GPS is used to alert authorities when an offender is in an "off limits" area like a school.

Bertsch says since the case they have given law enforcement access to the GPS database to use in investigations.

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