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Sanford Baby Boom


It's not your typical March Madness.

But workers at a local hospital are "celebrating" by building a team of their own.

Reporter Krista Harju has the story.

These ten therapists at Sanford all have something in common.

You could say they're showing off the fruit of their wombs.

(Kori Erikson and Terry Thunshelle, Sanford Health)

"When he was telling me he had three ladies in his department who were pregnant, I was like, 'Well! Keep going!'" says Kori Erikson.

"She felt no all," says Terry Thunshelle.

"Then mine started to announce. And so then things got a little more interesting."

Two therapists recently introduced their new additions to the world.

And eight more are expecting.

"You know, it almost just seems to be a routine. Every couple of weeks, someone seems to say, 'Hey! I'm having a baby!'" says physical therapist Amanda Schmitcke.

"I brought a pack of water and said, drink this if you don't want to (become pregnant), because it's too late for me," says occupational therapist Tiffany Skor.

While some people think it might have something to do with the water..

These women are just happy to welcome their new bundles of joy.

"Most of the department is female. We're all about the same age. So, it's just that time of our lives, I guess."

And it definitely a time of their lives they won't soon forget.

These women are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

"To be honest, I think that more memories could come in the future when everyone has their children and all of our children are going through similar or the same things at one time. And we'll be able to talk about it at work, because we will all still be here and our kids will be growing and developing together."

Skor says this picture COULD change...

More babies might be on the way.

In Bismarck, Krista Harju, KX News.

The moms-to-be plan to take a similar picture after all of the babies are born.

And it's down to the elite 8.... with the last baby expected in September.

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