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ND Voters to Decide Abortion Issue

Bismarck, ND -

Lawmakers decide North Dakota voters should decide if the state should protect life at conception.

That measure was among the three bills the House passed this afternoon.

Representatives also passed legislation to require doctors performing abortions to have hospital admitting privileges, a bill geared at closing the state's only abortion clinic.

They also approved legislation that would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

However, the chamber was split on how to move forward on a pair of "personhood" measures.

Donnell Preskey brings us the latest from the capitol.

The North Dakota Legislature has taken a strong stand on abortion. Together the House and Senate have passed five abortion related laws. But today the emotional debate centered around when life begins."


A routine start to North Dakota Representatives day of voting.


On a very controversial, personal and emotional issue.


A pair of bills would essentially ban abortion by defining human life as beginning at conception.

(Rep. Naomi Muscha / (D) Enderlin) "These are not easy decisions for any of us to make, but I can live with my convictions."

(Rep. Kylie Oversen / (D) Grand Forks) "How can we with a clear conscious pass such dangerous legislation?"

(Carlson) "Either your for life or against it. But don't politicize it."

Opponents of the person hood bill share concerns over how it will effect in vitro fertilization.

(Rep. Dwight Kiefert / (R) Valley City) "We have to stop and think, we were all once embryos. A red vote remains as are, Dr.'s have the right to dispose of unused embryos in trash or toilet."

(Rep. Richard Anderson / (R) Willow City) "I feel if pass this bill, it will make it more difficult to have kids in life."

(Muscha) "I know many people are saying this will be fine. This isn't going to stop anything in Fargo. I question if we are knowledgeable to make that call."

Representatives defeated the personhood bill but passed a resolution allowing North Dakotan's to vote on the issue.

(Kasper) "Let people of ND vote on what constitution should say and when to protect life and at what stage."

The biggest hurdle for these bills may not be at the North Dakota State Capitol... But in federal court.

Opponents say several of the abortion related bills face court challenges, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Last week the Senate passed two abortion bills.

One bans abortion for sex selection and for gender abnormalities.

The other outlaws abortion if a heartbeat is detected.

So what happens next?

The House made changes to Senate bill 2368, which bans abortions after 20 weeks, so it will return to the Senate.

Legislative leaders say they more than likely will forward all the bills to Governor Jack Dalrymple at the same time.

It's up to the Governor to sign the bills into law or chose to veto them.


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