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Eye on Health: Energy Drinks

Eye on Health: Energy Drinks

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People always seen to be looking for a quick energy fix.

There are lots of energy drinks on the shelves these days, but nutritionists say they can do more harm than good.

Carla Burbidge reports in this week's Eye on Health.

At most any store, you can find several brands of energy drinks, most of them have three to five times the amount of caffeine in coffee or pop, and they are loaded with sugars. In fact, some have the warnings listed: consume responsibly, not recommenced for children or pregnant women. Another one: says not recommended for those under 18. But kids are trying them.

(Josh Johnson, 7th Grade) "I tried one and it made me feel like I has having a heart attack and my stomach hurt."

Michelle Fundingsland, a nutritionist for Trinity Health, says that much caffeine at once is not good for anyone. Especially if a person is skipping a meal, or not getting the right balance of food. She says that energy drink can do just the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

(Michelle Fundingsland, Trinity Health) "Increased heart rate, dizziness, it could interfere with studying."

She says good food, exercise, and enough sleep, should provide you with the energy you need, if not see a doctor.

(Michelle Fundingsland, Trinity Health) "There could be underlying issues like thyroid or anemia, if you are lacking energy."

Caffeine in small doses can be beneficial to the body. But think about what you are doing before you try and energy drink.

For Josh and his friend Gabriel, they tried an energy drink because other kids were trying them, but that was enough.

(Gabiel O'Hare, 7th Grade) "It is not cool, It didn't make me feel good, and didn't even taste good."

For Eye on Health I'm Carla Burbidge

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