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Cattle Buyer Busy Filling Feedlots


Hundreds of thousands of calves are sold across North Dakota.
While some of those calves stay within the state's borders, many of those animals jump on a trailer for a road trip.
Ag Reporter Sarah Gustin shows you how one cattle buyer makes a living.

The auctioneer's chant at the sale barn is a familiar sound for cattle buyers.
For nearly 20 years Brain Gader has been making a living buying cattle.
In one year he'll buy more than 50-thousand head for feedlots in seven different states.
(Brian Gader / Cattle Buyer) "We buy for North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado." 
Gader says most feedlots want calves between 600 and 800 pounds and they are willing to pay a premium for North Dakota calves.
(Brian Gader / Cattle Buyer) "They like our cattle we have a lot of good growthy cross bred cattle that feed well. North Dakota has very good livestock. They like em." 
Gader says while expensive corn hasn't been good for the cattle business--the lots still need to be filled.
(Brian Gader / Cattle Buyer) "Seven dollar corn and high priced calves and cheap fat cattle don't work very well. in our case we see people try to buy feeder cattle cheaper because they are losing anywhere from 100-200 dollars a head on a fat animal right now."
Gader says this fall and winter's calf prices aren't the highest he's seen, but definitely at the higher end of what those feedlots have had to pay.
(Brian Gader / Cattle Buyer) "After the first of the year, the cattle market has just been on kinda a steady decline. We were expecting fat cattle to be up in the 130-135 range and most of the winter it was in the mid twenties to low twenties. right now it's climbed back up to the high twenties again but the people buying feeder cattle are the people buying fat cattle and they are losing money." 
(Sarah Gustin / "Gader expects calves like these to be holding their value well into next fall." 

Gader says all the cattle he buys are purchased at North Dakota sale barns, as well as Lemmon and Herrid, South Dakota.


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