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Bad Road Conditions Land Several Vehicles in the Ditch

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Although a "no travel advisory" has been lifted, earlier Monday, the farther west you drove, the worse the roads seemed to get.

Towing companies are most likely still busy pulling out vehicles from the ditch.

Snow plows have been out in force trying to clear the roads.

Road conditions really took a turn for the worse the farther west we drove.

Vehicle after vehicle get spotted, stuck in the ditch.

The Highway Patrol responded to up to 15 vehicle accidents Monday.

Sgt. Chris Messer says they were mostly property accidents, but there were some injury accidents reported along Highway 85.

"Very icy, I was heading to Watford this morning, I left Dickinson, made it as far as Fairfield, back to Belfield and it took me over two hours, probably 40 miles, so they're bad, I seen three accidents, in that short stretch." says Jeff Thommes/works out of Watford City.

Jeff Thommes was helping out at one of the worst accidents, a tanker that tipped over near Old Highway 10, just north of South Heart.

"We were over in Belfield at the truck stop and they called, we drive for the same company, so we got called over here to help." says Thommes.

A truck driver was helping his son, another truck driver who was stuck.

That's when he lost control.

"I had help, the tow truck came, got me out, and my dad put chains on, after he put the chains on, he was going to come down here, make a uturn, and come help me tie the chains, but what happened he was coming down the hill, he just slipped out of the road." says Makumba Faam, works out of Watford City.

The tanker had around 220 barrels of oil in it, and workers were trying to transfer the oil into another tanker, before they could get it upright, and towed out of there safely.

Just another example of how dangerous the job can be.

"It's part of the job, oil pumps everyday, it's got to get hauled. We use our own judgment the best we can, sometimes it's wrong." says Thommes.

"Most of the time we drive like this, or worse, but for me it was a bad day." says Faam.

There is still a travel alert for much of the southwest part of the state at this time.

The driver of the tanker that tipped was not seriously injured, but his son was considering taking him to the hospital to get checked out.

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