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Female Body Builder Brings Home The Gold


Personal Trainers are a dime a dozen.

But not all are created equal.

Reporter Krista Harju has more on a local trainer who's turning heads.

Bri Schwab is your typical mom.

She bakes.

Spoils her son, Ryker.

And does her best to drain some of his boyish energy.

"Want to work out?"


"Ok. You count! You train me!"

But Ryker isn't the only one pumping iron.

His mother is a two-time body building champion.

"I really never thought I could do a competition. People just asked me if I was. And I was like, 'No,' because I didn't really think of it. And I was like, 'Well, why not challenge my body? It gives me something to transform into," says Bri Schwab.

Schwab has been training for competition for the last 12 weeks.

But her affinity for fitness began years ago.

"When I was an eighth grader I made it my New Year's resolution to lose weight.I used to be overweight. I used to be 60 pounds more than when I was a freshman. So I lost a lot of weight and I grew from there..."

And she's passing that inspiration onto others.

Schwab is also training two female bodybuilders--

Holly and Wanja... helping them score trophies of their own.

"She's right beside you, she's saying, 'You can do one more. One More! Two more! Two more!' You know, she's always pushing for the next one to the next one. And she's always upping my weight. Throwing the weight thing up a little bit more," says Holly Martin.

"She sees our potential and she pushes us, you know, to get that whole thing out," says Wanja Kinuthia.

"There are certain things I didn't think I could do and she's like, 'Oh, you can do it!' And then she just pushed me to do it and I would do it and we'd be like, 'Yeah! We did it!' And we'd be all happy about it.'

Together, the ladies have built a support system.

"We just kind of keep challenging each other and pushing each other. So, its good!"

And its those challenges that have helped these ladies lift some admirable iron.

Schwab recently won first in her division at the Gopher Classic Bodybuilding Show.

She says she plans to take a little break, but plans to attend more shows this summer.

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