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Plowing a Path

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When the snow began moving in to the region Sunday morning, the folks who keep highways drivable got to work right away.

Crews from the Department of Transportation did their best to keep up with the storm - but in many cases, highways had to be shut down due to the heavy drifting.

By this morning, the plow drivers were getting caught up.

Gary Brode reports from Highway 83 south of Minot.

Unlikely April snow fall led to road conditions people in North Dakota are all to familiar with this winter.

(Bob Allen, Asst. Dist. Engineer, NDDOT) "The roads are getting a little better now, obviously last night, they were poor, the visibility was poor. We had no travel advised, basically from Minot, South. This morning they were plowing off snow and as they plow off the snow the road way is still warm enough where it was wet and then that's freezing. So we have icy conditions in most of the outer area."

Most of the D.O.T. drivers gave up their weekend off in order to start clearing the roads yesterday afternoon.

While the drivers are hard at work, there is only so much that can be done when going against the elements.

Possibly the worst road for traveling in the Minot area is Highway 83.

Parts of the highway were closed for several hours - and until ten this morning, there was no travel advised.

(Bob Allen, Asst. Dist. Engineer, NDDOT) "Definitely winter conditions out there. Everybody be aware of that. Don't know when to expect 83 to clear up. Our guys will be working on it. Mother Nature will have a little to say about that..."

Allen cautions drivers now and in the future to abide by the Department of Transportations advisories.

(Bob Allen, Asst. Dist. Engineer, NDDOT) "When we have a no travel advised, we really mean that. It doesn't mean we can stop people but they just should go if they don't need to. If they go in a ditch with a no travel advised, you kind of wonder why they are out there."

So to avoid this.... be cautious and pay attention to the driving conditions. Because, who knows? We could still see more winter before spring finally sets in.

In Minot, Gary Brode, KX News.

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