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Fighting Sexual Abuse

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A Jiu Jitsu black belt and a former wrestling champion are in Minot this week to takedown sexual assault.

The U.S. Air Force saw a 30 percent jump in sexual assault last year.

Gary Brode went to the Minot Air Force Base to learn about one program which hopes to empower women.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is one of the most recognized fighting disciplines on the planet.

The Gracie family created a fighting style which allows the smaller, weaker opponent the chance to beat the larger, stronger one.

Now that same family is taking a stand against sexual assault.

(Rener Gracie, Instructor, Women Empowered Program) "My family realized that Gracie Jiu Jitsu, hadn't yet served its most important purpose because we became aware of the shocking statistics surrounding sexual assault. That's when we developed the Women Empowered Program."

This week about 100 men and women will go through a 40 hour course to become certified instructors.

Gracie, along with his fiancé, Eve Torres, usually teach classes in their California gym.

It wasn't too long ago Torres was a household name in the WWE.

As one of the top female wrestler's in the world, she gave up this ... to teach this.

(Eve Torres, Instructor, Women Empowered Program) "As much as I loved it, as overwhelming and exciting as that was, for me I just felt like this was my calling. The fulfillment I got from teaching one class of women, started to surpass the fulfillment I got from performing in front of thousands of people."

After a night of traveling Torres was at a gas station when 3 men began harassing her, even following her all the way to her car.

This got the former champ thinking...

(Eve Torres, Instructor, Women Empowered Program) "I remember feeling just how terrified I was. Here I am this WWE Diva who gets in the ring an competes but I realized I wouldn't really know what to do if I was attack by someone who is much bigger, heavier and stronger than I was."

So she took a Jiu Jitsu class and she says it changed her life.

Each of the techniques taught to the class, were chosen to address the most common 15 threat scenarios of sexual assault.

But the instructors believe the program gives more than knowledge.

(Rener Gracie, Instructor, Women Empowered Program) "If you essentially present yourself in a very assertive and confident way, not on a false front, but because you truly know you can handle yourself. Your not going to be target nearly as much or as likely as someone who physically, really can't protect themselves."

(Eve Torres, Instructor, Women Empowered Program) "...knowing the answer is the most empowering."

Now Gracie and Torres will pass on their knowledge to empower others.

At the Minot Air Force Base, Gary Brode, KX News.

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