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Ranchers deal with Sick Calves after the Storm


It's been a cold calving season.
A snow event dropping 20 inches of snow across much of the viewing area has been hard on both ranchers and their livestock.
Ag Reporter Sarah Gustin explains.

(Sarah Gustin / sgustin@kxnet.com) "The recent snow storm has had a powerful impact on ranchers across the area. The sight that you see here at the Steele Vet CLinic is a similar sight at vet clinics across the area.
(Dr. Joe Hochhalter / Steele Vet Clinic) "It seems like after we had that severe weather snow and cold and wet, the week following that the number of cases that we were seeing for scouring calves and phenomena was significantly higher than it had been before."
It's been a busy week for Dr. Joe Hochhalter.
Nearly the entire area that Steele Vet Clinic serves received 12-20 inches of snow--measurements like that pile up sick calves.
He says the snow, wet and cold has been tough on calves of all ages.
(Dr. Joe Hochhalter / Steele Vet Clinic) "Calves that are just born slow, they were cold. they got a slow start, didn't probably get adequate colostrum at birth so they are kinda down and out to those calves that develop phenomena over the storm and depressed attitude. Ears are droopy, head down, difficulty breathing to severe scours. it's kinda a wide spectrum of different things, but it seems like sick calves have been a lot more than what we had seen before."
While some that are still living have to spend a couple hours on the table receiving an IV, others aren't so lucky.
(Dr. Joe Hochhalter / Steele Vet Clinic) "I think almost all of our producers have lost some calves during the storm some was just due to the fact that they weren't found early enough or they were found right away, brought in to be warmed up and they didn't make it because they were too chilled right off the bat. I know that a lot of our guys lost calves during the storm." 
A snowfall that added up not just in inches, but in expenses.

Missouri Valley Vet Clinic in Bismarck says they've had at least 10 sick calves at the clinic in the past week.


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