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Day in the Life of a Police Dog

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The work of a police officer is no easy feat.

From drugs busts to burglaries, there is always work to be done.

However, some of that work is made a whole lot easier with the help of a police dog.

More now on the life in the day of a police dog.

It's no ordinary schedule...

"He gets up mid afternoon, goes outside, plays around with my other dog..."

Because Saber is no ordinary dog.

K-9 Handler Sergeant Dave Chapman says that being a police dog, Saber is trained to serve and protect.

NAT "He's excited, he's been doing work."

(Alysia Huck - Stand) "When it comes to catching criminals or sniffing out narcotics, many wonder how good these police dogs like Saber are at doing their job. Well today, we're going to get a dogs-eye-view."

(nat sound movement)

"Day to day activities vary, sometimes we'll do a lot of narcotics sniffs and very little what we call manwork, looking for people..."

The Task Force will often have special assignments for Sergeant Chapman and Saber...and that sometimes includes drug searches at area schools...

(nat sound - dog whine)

Magic City Campus Assistant Principal Harlan Johnson says school officials make the requests a couple of times a year.

(Asst. Principal Harlan Johnson) "Usually we try to do it during school day, so we go into a mini lockdown, the kids stay in classrooms, we check out the areas we want to search and then randomly pick a classroom so we ask students to get up and leave from room and go to different area, dogs go through and then kids are able to come back."

The periodic searches are meant to keep the schools drug free.

With the exception of factors such as extreme temperatures, not even the deepest corner of a storage shed will keep this four legged 'officer' from finding his prey...

NAT - "Yes!"

Police dogs are trained to sniff out anything from narcotics to bombs and weapons... and what motivates them to do similar to what motivates a wolf to hunt a rabbit...

"dogs have different drives built into them as part of their DNA - One of drives is called prey drive and that's what we operate in about 90-95 percent of the time is prey drive..."

And just as a wild dog is rewarded with a meal at the end of a successful hunt, Saber is rewarded with a toy.

And that toy at the end of the day is all worth a hard days work of keeping YOU safe.

(nat sound...good boy .. patting)

In Minot, Alysia Huck, KX News.

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