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Making Solar Stoves For People In Haiti


Imagine cooking a pot of chili on a stove using no electricity, just the power of the sun.

A group of North Dakotans is making that possible for people who live in Haiti.

Jon Berg takes you to a small town in North Dakota, where volunteers are making a big difference across the world.

In the small quiet town of Moffit North Dakota.

You'll find a lot of noise and laughter inside this garage.

"When we get tired we'll just break the equipment and then we can go home," Bert Mayer said.

You could say these volunteers are having a good time, helping others.

Dave Silbernagel volunteered his garage in Moffit to be the North Dakota shop, where volunteers come together, building an important part for solar stoves that are shipped to Haiti.

"We build the reflector, the upper part here and the lower part the plastic part is being built in Brookings, South Dakota, by the South Dakota shop," Dave Silbernagel said.

Once in South Dakota the ovens keep moving south to their sunny destination.

"From Brookings once it gets into a container it goes to Miami, gets put on a ship and that's how it gets to Haiti," Silbernagel said.

With little electricity in Haiti, this is one of the few ways residents can cook food, which is why these volunteers are happy to help.

"I have been to Haiti four times so I know the situation there," Karen Workman said.

"We just can't imagine what it's like to live in Haiti," Mayer said.

The ovens can get as hot as 350 degrees thanks to sunlight.

"There is no cost using this oven, it's free energy," Mayer said.

And the reward this group of North Dakotans gets, is priceless.

"Just knowing that you helped out a neighbor, I guess most people in North Dakota grow up helping their neighbor and biblically the Haitians are also our neighbors," Silbernagel said.

"Every family that we can help is certainly a very meaningful thing for us," Mayer said.

"I get the satisfaction of helping others," Silbernagel said.

A small town, making a big difference.

The Solar Ovens are made all thanks to donations.

If you'd like to donate or help with the Solar Ovens you can send an email to

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