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Williston Friendly Faces

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The energy boom in western North Dakota has attracted thousands of new people to the region.

And moving to any new place can be difficult.

But a group in Williston has come together to welcome newcomers to the growing city.

In this week's Eye on Energy, Gary Brode was in Williston to meet some friendly faces.

Change can be difficult....A job change, a change in homes, or a location change.

Like many in Williston, change can come in all three forms.

Some long time residents of Williston joined to make that transition a bit easier.

The group is called Williston Friendly Faces and its message is simple...

(Codi Austreim, Co-Founder, Williston Friendly Faces) "We just want people who are coming here, especially those with families, to feel welcome. We love our community and we want them to love it to because we feel like if you feel like its your home we treat it like its your home. We want this place to be as great as it can be."

The group creates different projects in the community to promote random acts of kindness.

One of its first projects was a welcome kit full of school supplies and Williston information for new students of the school district.

Tucker Oak moved to Williston in September with the rest of her family to join her dad.

She says she was grateful for the welcome pack and it made her transition easier.

(Tucker Oak, Freshman, Williston High School) "At first I didn't have a backpack the first day of school because we had moved here the day before or two days before I started school so that helped and then I had a lot of school supplies then too because I got the school supplies from that backpack. That was a nice gesture they made towards us.

Oak said the information packet was helpful because it gave her ideas for things to do around town.

This small, but growing collection of people banded together in an attempt to change how people moving in from out of town are welcomed by community members.

(Codi Austreim, Co-Founder, Williston Friendly Faces) "Those of us that started the group, we had seen some negative posts on facebook. Some of the sentiment of, "If you don't like it here go home", "this is our town". It is our town, but it's everyone's town."

The group hopes small acts of kindness will make a difference in the long run.

(Codi Austreim, Co-Founder, Williston Friendly Faces) "Change is hard and there is definitely growing pains happening but if we can do positive things to remind people that it's still a great place then that's kind of our goal.

With a growing economy, change is inevitable and these faces, are helping to make Williston's future more friendly.

In Williston, Gary Brode, KX News.

The group can be contacted on its facebook page Williston Friendly Faces.

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