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Tray Lide, from homeless to the fastest man at U Mary

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This week the University of Mary Track team is sending 9 athletes to the National meet in Pueblo, Colorado.
That includes the fastest man at U Mary-- Tray Lide.
Jon Schaeffer has more on what Lide has overcome to become one of the best sprinters in the country.

JON SCHAEFFER-KX SPORTS: Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tray Lide didn't have it easy.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINTER: Growing up homeless in Vegas, not really a great time. lived in a cardboard box for about two and half years. Mom scrounging for bread I mean that's basically all I ate was bread.

JON SCHAEFFER-KX SPORTS: At the age of six Tray and his siblings got off the streets but never had a place to truly call their own--when he was 15 he and his mom moved in to their first home.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINGER: When I found out we were getting a home I kid you not we all got in a circle and just started crying. It was definitely something that We're not used to having and to have something that we can call our own is just a great feeling a blessing beyond measure.

JON SCHAEFFER-KX SPORTS: Through it all his mother was his rock.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINTER: My Mom is my pride and joy. My mom is just like me. My son is my pride and joy. But my mom is my pride.

JON SCHAEFFER-KX SPORTS: In High School Tray started running track, he found a competitiveness ran in his blood, and so did the sport.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINTER: My Mom was related to Florence Joyner for you guys that don't know that's Flo Jo. Just a fast woman I actually couldn't beat my mom in a race until I was 17."

JON SCHAEFFER-KX SPORTS: Tray left his family behind in Las Vegas for U Mary, and just like he grew up climbing the social ladder, he's found his way up the ladder of elite runners in Division II. He is ranked 14th in the nation in the 100 meters at 10.39 seconds, he grew up tough and instead of running away, he's now running towards a championship.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINTER: To cap it off with a national title would just be a great blessing it'd be icing on the cake.

JON SCHAEFFER-KX SPORTS: Plenty of family will be attendance in Pueblo-- an uncommon occurrence for Tray. And the woman who's been there through it all will be there to witness another leg of his journey.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINTER: It's her second ever track meet watching me run. She'll be there along with my uncle who has never seen me run. My step dad will be there and a couple of my other family members so I'm very blessed."

JON SCHAEFFER- KX SPORTS: This will be the final track meet of his career and when he crosses that finish line for the last time there are two things he plans to do.

TRAY LIDE-U MARY SPRINTER: first thank my lord and savior and then I'm gonna look for my mom and tell her thank you.

Tray holds the school record in the 100 meter dash at U Mary.
After this weekend Tray will be attending graduate school to study sports psychology.
He wants to help young athletes deal with their mental barriers like the anxiety that he has learned to work around.

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