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Population Estimates for Minot

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60-thousand people...

That's what a new study suggests could be the population in Minot by 2017.

The Impact Assessment Group compiled a study that combines 'permanent population' numbers - that were included in the 2010 census - and 'temporary population' numbers to create a 'service population.'

The study identifies the 2012 service population in Minot at nearly 49-thousand people --- eight-thousand more than the 2010 census.

In order to make 2017 projections, the study looked at two models: one was based on employment needs, the second based on housing availability.

According to the employment model, the 2017 potential service population in Minot was just over 53-thousand.

The housing model took into account housing projects that have already been approved --- that model suggested 60-thousand people in the Magic City by 2017.

The study also expanded to include Burlington, Surrey and surrounding subdivisions --- the two models suggested a total increase of 10 to 20-thousand people.

(Mark Jantzer, Task Force 21 Chairman) "The Secretary of Defense has requested BRAC Round. As we've done in the past, we want to be as prepared as we possible can be with good information to give to the decision makers to put Minot in the absolute best possible light."

The Impact Assessment Group also used the same parameters for population studies in Dickinson and Williston.

The 2010 census population of Williston was 14,716.

The 'service population' - both temporary and permanent - is currently 25-33 thousand according to the two models.

Projections for 2017 show Williston with a population of 44,000.

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