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"Slacker" Practices for Dream Job

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A sport that combines tight-trope walking and trampoline jumping is really taking off across the country.

One man from South Carolina moved here because he heard about jobs in North Dakota.

He is working in Bismarck right now for a construction company, but he's also found a great park to practice for his dream job.

"Yeah I guess I'm a slacker, but I am a hard worker, don't get them mixed up." says Damon Hill, slackliner.

He's considered a slacker, because he can do these tricks.

Damon Hill recently moved here from South Carolina.

He's working construction to make some money, but didn't want to lose what he now loves in the process.

"One of my buddies called me up and was like hey, you've got to try this thing called slacklining, went up to his house the next weekend, and tried it out, after ten minutes I was hooked." says Damon Hill.

Learning to walk on the slackline is one thing, but he's been trying out tricks ever since he started around a year ago.

It's not always easy, even for a natural like Damon.

"No broken bones yet, but a lot of bruises and scrapes and scratches and a lot of that." says Hill.

And just like top athletes, if he falls down, he gets right back up.

"It's a workout, it's so challenging, it's one of those things, you can't slack off, you have to slackline." says Hill.

"I've tried it before it's not as easy as he makes it look, but it's really fun and simple to do, you just get one line and two steady objects like trees." says Seth Ebach, Bismarck

"Most of them are just intrigued because they've never seen anything like it, lot of guys ask me if it's a ratchet strap I took from a trailer, ladies think it's a tightrope, nobody knows what to think they just watch in awe." says Hill.

He wants to wow even bigger crowds in the future.

You see, this slacker has big ambitions to pursue his dream job.

"Back in South Carolina there was a contest with a bunch of pros, and I got to meet all of them and talk with them, that's what really pushed me to want to try and go pro..." says Hill.

Damon plans to move to Colorado at the end of the summer.

He hopes to be invited into a contest that would give him a chance at joining a pro tour.

Here's a funny side note about the self-proclaimed daredevil.

He's not afraid of heights or thrills, but he is afraid of spiders and ticks.

He had never had a tick on him until moving here.

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