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Police Dog in Action

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While it's never a good idea to run away from a dog ready to attack, that holds especially true when it comes to a police dog.

Police dogs undergo rigorous training to take down criminals, and the size of the criminal is no deterant.

Tonight, we'll give you an up close look at what happens when a criminal is on the run.

NAT 6 sec - grunting...

(Steven Nagel - Minot Patrol Officer) "Like getting hit by a train, a 65 pound dog will knock you down no problem"


And at a pace of over 40 miles per hour, Piko the police dog can do just that. Minot Police officers were demonstrating a routine traffic stop that quickly

escalated into a felony. But to Piko, this, was no demonstration. And Officer Nagel who was fortunate enough to be wearing protective gear can attest to that.

(Steven Nagel - Minot Patrol Officer) I wouldn't have any muscles left, he would have ripped them off no problem. This suit despite it being practice you can feel it through the suit I can't imagine what it would be like without the suit.

Piko's handler, Officer Clouse says not even protective gear can guarantee you won't get hurt when a police dog is on a mission.

He experienced that first hand when acting as a decoy training a group of dogs...

(Titus Clouse - Minot Patrol Officer/Dog Handler ) "I took a bite in the upper arm and that was through the suit which was through the suit which is the big, puffier suit than what we have today and I have a lovely scar from that now.

The circumstances under which a police dog is used can vary from simple assaults to violent crimes or felonies...

(Titus Clouse - Minot Patrol Officer/Dog Handler ) "like a simple assault domestic or something where guy will not stop and we can't bite him we'll put the muzzle on the dog and let the dog hit him that way. So he's not being bit but still being taken down by dog so we can catch up and apprehend the guy. Stuff like we did today with assault on a police officer - basically I have to give my canine announcement

NAT - (Titus Clouse - Minot Patrol Officer/Dog Handler ) Minot PD with k-9, suspect inside this building, surrender now. Refusal to surrender will result in the k-9 being sent to find you and you will be bit!"

NAT - "I'm not coming out!"

NAT - Handler command...

(Titus Clouse - Minot Patrol Officer/Dog Handler ) "If he refuses to surrender then the dog will be sent to apprehend him.

The canine announcement is made at least twice to not only give the suspect ample time to surrender, but also to ensure other bystanders who may be in the vicinity.

(Titus Clouse - Minot Patrol Officer/Dog Handler ) "A lot of people are fearful of dogs, they don't want to be bit. The impact and ferocity of these dogs is strong."

Minot police dogs have a very important job, keeping our officers and our community safe...

(Titus Clouse - Minot Patrol Officer/Dog Handler ) "citizens are happy to see the dogs there, it's the criminals that are not."

In Minot, Alysia Huck, KXNews.

Another reason you want to listen to a police officer when they tell you to stop?

When these dogs clamp down, it's anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds of pressure per square inch.

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