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EOE Parshall Water Plant

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Quality water is a key focus for people living in the booming oil patch in North Dakota.

Many communities are on the verge of getting new sources of drinking water.

One town that just got hooked up is Parshall.

In our Eye on Energy, Gary Brode takes us there to see what a new water treatment plant means to the people of that area.

Friday's ribbon cutting ceremony of the newest water plant in Western North Dakota marked the start of a new era for the people of Parshall and its surrounding rural inhabitants.

For years residents have dealt with inconsistent water supply because of inconsistent lake water levels from Van Hook.

So when it was decided a new water treatment plant was needed, location was the number one issue.

(Cory Chorne, Project Manager) "The solution was really based on finding the old Missouri River Channel and making sure that if we were going to put a new intake in that it was in that old channel and no matter what happened to the lake level that the intake level would be below the minimum lake pool level for Lake Sakakawea."

The new water treatment plant produces 2.5 million gallons of water per day.

Chorne says the plant can easily double its production if need be.

But it's not the quantity of water that makes this plant so special.... it's the process which produces quality water.

(Cory Chorne, Project Manager) "It uses thousands and thousands of little straws that have a vacuum applied to it and it has very small pour spaces. So it will let the water through but they keep any of the particles out. It's a pretty gentle process by using that vacuum it constantly sips on dirty water on one side and produces clean water on the other.

The fully computerized system uses relatively new technology.

2 full-time operators are in charge of the plant.

Mayor of Parshall, Richard Bolken is elated to finally have a consistent water supply for his townspeople.

(Richard Bolken, Mayor of Parshall) "There are some people down in this area by the plant itself that haven't had... a lot of people have had to haul their water, they just haven't had the water. The ground water in this area are terrible. It's not even feasible to drink unless you treat it yourself. So just to be able to supply water, a good quality water, to the people is a great feeling."

With water able to reach a 25-mile radius of the facility, any anticipated population growth can now be covered.

For some, the new water treatment plant now means a new way of life.

In Parshall, Gary Brode, KX News.

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