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New Ownership for the Lawrence Welk Homestead

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Lawrence Welk was the first member of the North Dakota Roughrider Hall of Fame.

But there's been debate over whether the state historical society of North Dakota should buy his homestead.

A decision was supposed to be made this morning.

Stephanie Scheurer reports from Welk's birthplace.

They say that home is where the heart is...and these hearts are breaking a little...

"It's bittersweet giving the place up because it's my home, it's my inheritance, but the time has come, I think it's right," says Evelyn Schwab, Niece of Lawrence Welk.

"Right away, it didn't really sink in but now, it seems like this last year it's almost like I get a lump in my throat. Because it's home and I said when you live in a place for this many years, I mean, it's home no matter what you say or do or think," says Edna Schwab, Niece of Lawrence Welk.

When you set foot on this homestead, you can't help but notice the peaceful sound of the breeze through the cottonwood trees whispering the memories of the past.

"When he would come out to the farm, when my dad lived here, and they'd sit around the table and have a meal together and share things, that was one of my favorite things," says Evelyn.

Standup: "The Welk home will always hold the memories of three generations and the family hopes the preservation of this homestead will continue in the years to come."

"It was my one desire that I had, that the state of North Dakota would take it over and preserve it in honor of Lawrence and the Germans from Russia," says Evelyn.

"We have a lot of sites that we want to do our best on all of the sites so there is concern about that. Every year we have to look at all of our projects that we need and we have numerous funds because we deal with a lot of older buildings and older things," says Merle Paaverud Jr., Director of the State Historical Society of ND.

Robert Erbele says it's not the inheritance but the heritage that should be left behind.

"It's a sense of home and a sense of community that we have here. And what did your parents leave you. You know and the most important things they can leave you is a sense of community, family, and faith and those are things money can't buy," says Robert Erbele, State Senator for District 28.

And just has the family encourages you to "keep a song in your heart," the German/Russian heritage of the Welk family homestead will forever be in the heart of North Dakota.

In Strasburg for KX news, I'm Stephanie Scheurer.

After a few hours of discussion and input the outcome was unanimous to continue negotiations to take over the ownership of the Lawrence Welk Homestead.

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