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Running a marathon in every state, quite the challenge

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Bismarck, ND -

Running 5 marathons in 5 different states in five straight days isn't something most people look forward to.
For one Bismarck woman-- that's only part of her long term marathon goal.

"I got done and I'm like I'm glad I did it. I'm never doing it again. The next day I woke up and I'm thinking well you know next time if I do this or I do that it will be easier."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: That's what got it started for Mary Albrecht after her first marathon.
That was in 2005-- 8 years later-- The total number of states she's run a marathon in is at "32, 33 will be Wyoming in August."
Her goal-- 1 marathon in all 50 states.

"I did five marathons, 5 states in five days and there was 15 of us that did that challenge but you get to see every part of the country. I know people all over the U.S. I've met people from all over the world. It's just it's an awesome experience."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: She says running is her life right now along with her job at Basin Electric-- training daily for her runs...
Albrecht hasn't just crossed finish lines on the North American Continent-- her sport has taken her to the southern most part of the globe.

"Antarctica is by far is my favorite marathon ever. It's a whole experience, it's not just a marathon. you leave a part of yourself there it's so beautiful and it's so harsh, and unforgiving. It's just pristine, it's absolutely beautiful."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: When she crosses the finish line in the 50th state of her marathon journey-- she'll have run 1 thousand three hundred ten miles.

"Hawaii is going to be my last state. I have it planned out so that I will finish in Hawaii in January of 2015 if all goes well but that's what I'm really looking forward too."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Albrecht admits she isn't the fastest marathon runner-- but when all is said done the places she has seen and people she's met will be what makes the training, aches and pains all worth it.

"I think if I didn't meet such great people I wouldn't put myself through it. You just meet awesome people who have done amazing things."

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