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Consumers Lack Choices at Gas Pumps

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Changes in the oil industry may take away your choice when filling gas.

Stephanie Scheurer informs us may be in store for consumers in the future.

When you fill up at a gas station, you may have noticed the fine print at the pump.

Ethanol is now being blended into most gasoline in North Dakota.

One marketer says 87 regular unleaded gasoline... with no ethanol... currently doesn't exist in many places but is still available in eastern North Dakota.

This is causing a stir within the industries.

"Well now the Renewable Fuel Standard as is putting the pressure on these refiners to hit these levels or else pay these tax credits has taken away that choice. And that's our big concern," says Mike Rud, President, ND Petroleum Marketers Association.

Blue Flint Ethanol's general manager is proud of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

"I would think that we're going to continue to move towards more and more gallons that are being offered at the retail side having ethanol as one of the components of the fuel and a gasoline is made up of over 150 different individual components. Ethanol just happens to be one of them that we're required to label and are really calling out here," says Jeff Zueger, General Manager, Blue Flint Ethanol.

Consumers opinions on the issue vary.

"I'd prefer to have an option. You know, it does bother me a little bit."

"I try to use regular whenever I can because I do think that, you know, the mileage is better and has less impact on some of the filters and that kind of thing."

"My wife has a Honda Pilot we use pretty much. We'll run 10 percent on that one as well. Ethanol. It doesn't seem to make much difference."

Stand up: "But what both of these industries have in common is an overall goal of finding a system that works best for the consumers."

Rud says this September all fuel types except premium will have ethanol blends in North Dakota. He says that will vary across the nation.

In Bismarck for KX News, I'm Stephanie Scheurer.

Mike Rud says they would like to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard so that it works for all of the stakeholders and can grow at a slower pace.

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