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Smart phone Apps Benefit Bicyclists

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Instead of leaving your cell phone behind while you exercise, more people are making it part of the process.

A lot of people listen to music to stay motivated.

But as Steph Scheurer show us--Some cyclists are using a bike app--to help keep their fitness goals on track.

The saying "There's an app for that" rings true.

And if anyone knows that--It's Mark Driessen.

He works at Verizon, but is also using an app while pedaling away--

"It shows my average speed, my max speed, my trip distance, my ride time," says Driessen.

If you're a bike lover and own a smartphone, there are several apps that can assist in your cycling experience.

Verizon Manager Nicolle Binstock says one of the most popular bike apps is called Biologic BikeBrain.

"So you can do a map of it, where it actually shows you if you're going to start how long you want to go, how long it takes you to ride. It'll let you keep track of the paths you've taken. It also allows you to set your phone to see how far you're going," says Nicolle Binstock, Manager, Verizon (Bismarck).

And if you'd like to get really technical, you can use a device called Fitbit that will track your progress.

"This is just a little clip that actually just clips on your pants and then you're able to use it and it sinks with your phone," says Binstock.

Mark first heard about bike apps from a friend about a year ago.

"It's just recently that I was like alright well I'll kind of check out these apps and see what they're all about and it's just been wonderful. I mean it's really neat to see my progress. It's fun because I can actually take a look at my phone, I can see the routes," says Mark Driessen, Bike App User.

And now his family is ready to go along for the ride.

"My wife's kind of getting interested in it. I carry an iPhone and she carries an Android and she was really interested. She was having me just show her the application last night and so now she wants me to take her bike down from the rafters that I've had hanging upside down and she wants to start going out biking also," says Driessen.

So if you're an avid biker, or maybe just lacking a little motivation, perhaps the answer is right on your phone.

"As far as a goal orientated, as far as fitness, it definitely, it's been keeping me on track.

In Bismarck for KX News. I'm Steph Scheurer.

Verizon managers say the bike apps are very user-friendly and always provide a beginner's tutorial.

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