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Stand Up Paddleboarder Makes Voyage Down Missouri River


Traveling from Montana to Missouri is quite the jaunt.

Driving time, it could take more than 20 hours, but one man is choosing to take the extended scenic route.

He has only driven through North Dakota a couple of times, but Scott Mestrezat is taking a path less traveled on his way from Montana to Missouri.

"I just really like paddleboarding, I thought no one has done it, maybe I can do it, seems like a fun way to travel so here I am."

He's originally from Chicago, but decided to leave behind his stable job in finance on the east coast, to bet on a sometimes shaky journey down the Missouri river.

"People always say don't your feet hurt, don't your legs hurt, and yeah they do, but it's either that or your butt hurts from sitting down all day, and I spent the last five years sitting behind a computer for ten hours a day, so I figured I would stand for awhile." says Scott Mestrezat.

He stands on his made-from-a-kit paddleboard for up to 12 hours a day.

That's as he makes his way down the river from Montana to Missouri.

We caught him on a rest day on his way through North Dakota.

He told me that he thought his trip might be lonely but instead he's been meeting all kinds of people.

"They see all this gear on top of the board and they say what is that guy doing, so I get a lot of questions, lot of people talking to me..." he says.

"I met tons of people everyone I've met so far has been really nice."

Some people already know him.

He's been getting media coverage along the way.

"Everybody reads the paper and watches the news so people 300 miles down the river say, hey are you the guy from the paper, so I'm thinking that how did you see that I'm like 300 miles away!" says Mestrezat, paddleboard adventurer.

Although he's been featured in papers and on TV, he clearly has the best video of his epic trip.

Something he is sharing online and hopefully someday on the big screen.

"Going to make a little documentary and see what happens with that, make it as good as I can." says Mestrezat.

Whether it pans out or not, he's taking a chance and gaining some new perspective on this adventure.

"Every time there's a hard moment it seems like the next day there's something awesome like a great sunset, good view, or a person that offers an ice cold beer in the middle of a lake, somewhere."

He says the hardest part of the trip so far has been strong head winds.

He has had to wait several days at a time for the wind to calm down, and he has fallen off his board once.

That happened in Lake Sakakawea.

Scott hopes to arrive at his final destination St. Louis Missouri in seven to eight weeks, depending on the conditions.

Overall he will go through seven states, and travel around 2400 miles.

You can watch him as he goes by checking out his blog:

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