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Ammunition shortage causes problems

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Bismarck, ND -

    Each time a gun is fired it sounds more like a cash register for competitive shooters these days.
    Ammo has been rising in cost and it's making it harder for shooter's to unload rounds at the range.
    Jon Schaeffer has more.

(Warren Hintz/ Former Competitive Shooter)"It's frustrating now when you're used to growing up here in North Dakota you go down to the store and buy a couple of boxes of 22 shells go out and shoot. Now nobody has them so they're hard to come by. That's frustrating."

A couple of years back you could get 500 rounds of 22 long Rifle caliber ammo for 20 dollars-- Today the same amount is running 50 dollars or more -- but that's even if you can find them.

(CODY SCHUH/ SHOOTERS INC. MANAGER) "Everyone is buying ammo. Everyone needs ammunition so demand is extremely high. They're pumping out millions of rounds a day but for some reason it's not getting to the shelves."

With such a high demand--that's forcing prices to climb-- and for competitive shooters that means a bigger bill if you want to get some target practice.

(Cody) If you're competition shooting if you're going out shooting shotguns rifles pistols you're gonna go through thousands upon thousands of rounds because practice makes perfect like in any sport. Now thousands thousand rounds practice that's gonna cost a lot of money. What used to cost you 200 dollars to go out and practice now is six hundred dollars and you can't do that."

(WARREN) "A box of 45 ammo if you wanna buy a box of 50 you're looking at close to 25 to 30 dollars. If you're shooting that competitively that's pretty expensive I don't think I would do that."

That cost alone can scare a lot of people away from the sport.
Competitive shooting might be seeing the new norm for their ammo costs-- possibly pushing some to put the weapons away.
Others will keep on shooting-- just not as many rounds --as they look to save money on the sport they enjoy.

"I hear some say oh I'm going to clean my gun and put it away until it end and then I'll start shooting again. Others if you're able to find some they'll buy it and they'll shoot it so it'll work out alright."
For Kx sports Jon Schaeffer.

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