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Pickleball Growing in Bismarck

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If you're down at the tennis courts in North Central Park in Bismarck, you might notice a few more lines to a couple of the courts.

In the Morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you might even hear a little different sound than what you'd expect.



Don Odeermann says, "Pickleball is a cross between ping pong and tennis I guess you might say."

It's a sport that's growing among retired adults right here in Bismarck.

Katrina Hanenberg with Bismarck Parks and Rec says, "We actually have a lot of people in the community that are snowbirds obviously that go down south and pickleball is huge down south and they're playing pickleball in these retirement communities.So they come back here to North Dakota in the summer and they have inquired with the park district about playing pickleball more."

That prompted Bismarck Parks and Rec to put down court lines within the tennis courts.

The Pickleball courts are the size of a badminton court and they're getting used more and more.

"When we started we started with about 4 or 5 and now some days we'll get as many as 12 to 16 people come out," says pickleball player Tim Zimmer.

Odeermann says,"I was kind of surprised to find there was this big of a following back here in North Dakota."

Using oversized paddles and a wiffle ball-- Pickleball is a game filled with good volleys, quick hand eye-coordination, fast movement, and speedy reactions.

For the retirees playing the fast paced paddle sport, they say it's easier on the body then tennis or other racquet sports, while still keeping them active.

A Winning combination.

Zimmer says, "You get the movement. You get the quickness and it's not so hard it's not so strenuous."

"It's an opportunity to get outdoors and be active. Hone your skills you know it's kind of an easy game to play and you know the more you play the better you get at it," something Odeermann enjoys.

Even better than the workout, are the people taking the court.

For the group of people currently playing at North Central Park-- they all say they hope to see more and more people taking part in Pickleball.

Zimmer says, "Well I'd just like to see it grow. Just have a sport that it grows and people take part in it."

You know it seems like every week we pick up somebody new. So I think it's up and coming and will continue to grow even in North Dakota in the Summer months," says Odeermann

Odeermann and Zimmer both say anyone can play.

If you want to get started playing Pickleball, the paddles are a little hard to find, you'll have to go online to buy them.

From 8:30 to 10:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you can find players getting together to play at North Central Park.

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