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Heat exhausts football players

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We're less than two weeks away from the High School football season kicking off-- but today's weather has it feeling more like players should be hitting the pool instead of the practice field.
Jon Schaeffer takes a look at how teams are trying to tackle the heat.

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: As the temperature in Bismarck climbs into the upper 90's-- football teams practice through the heat. Teams can't afford a day off with the season right around the corner-- but the players and coaches have to be careful not to push it too far.

(Funnon Baker/ Shiloh Head Coach) "Obviously when you get 90 plus temps you know you really look at the athletes look at how they're practicing, how they're performing and you know try to provide a little extra water a couple extra water breaks."

(Jacob Hanson/ Mandan D-Lineman)"If you have to-- take a couple reps out get a sub but other than that get some water and take it easy if you have to but if you're good than you gotta go hard."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research shows at least 40 players across the nation have died since 1992 from heat stroke.
Although it's uncommon, there are different things players need to pay attention to.
It may sound funny but Mandan Head Coach Todd Sheldon says it's serious business to make sure players aren't getting dehydrated.

(SHELDON)"We give them a little rainbow of colors that their urine should be and if it's yellow they need to drink more and we're pushing that throughout the course of their entire day and the course of the preseason mention it too them on a daily basis that they need to monitor their output as well as their input."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: While there is plenty to be aware of with high temperatures-- There's also something gained from it as well.

(JAMES INMAN/ SHILOH Linebacker) "We could face this heat early in the season so it's nice to face it in the preseason and I think it shows that we'll be able to handle it later."

(SHELDON) "Finding that fine line between being uncomfortable and being unhealthy is always a concern for coaches but it's something that we look to see our athletes make both physical and mental progress through-- through difficult situations."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: As temps close in on triple digits-- players and coaches keep an eye out--on a dangerous hit from the heat.

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