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Leith, ND: North Dakota Notoriety No Deterrent to White Supremacist's Plan

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Craig Cobb, Leith, ND Craig Cobb, Leith, ND
Craig Cobb, Leith, ND Craig Cobb, Leith, ND
Leith, ND Leith, ND
Leith, ND Leith, ND


Even as this week commemorates Martin Luther King, Junior's "I Have a Dream" speech, a white supremacist takes up residence in a small North Dakota village.

He's pro-white, anti-religion, and says he's peaceful.  Since he went public with his plan, has the public's response deterred him?  KX News caught up with him to find out.

Little Leith, North Dakota, a town that previously saw about ten cars a week, now sees about ten cars an hour.  It's all since Craig Cobb came to town.

He's known -- even internationally -- for his white supremacist views.  He says his upbringing has nothing to do with it -- or with his Spartan lifestyle.  "You know, my father and grandfather built subdivisions and I had a really privileged life, so as odd it may seem to many people, luxury goods don't mean that much to me," says Craig Cobb, Leith resident.

What does mean something to him is his pro-white, anti-religious -- but he says, non-violent -- beliefs.  Beliefs, in his words, cultivated by his experiences.  "You know, it's in my living memory the riots of 1965 through 1967, the cities in this country were decimated.  So those will happen again, when the people who populate these areas, these urban areas, don't get their stipends, their $3,000 a month, or whatever they get on average.  They're not going to be happy campers," asserts Cobb.

He believes similar-minded people should be able to live in peace in this place; that is, Leith, North Dakota.  "I'll just tell you this about racial cohesion and about people loving their own tribe.  It's fine for all these minorities, but not us.  If you merely speak about it, you're going to be defamed in this country."

Even with his new found North Dakota notoriety, Craig Cobb says he remains resolute:  His plans for Leith haven't changed.  "No, not at all.  In fact, if anything, I've gotten lots and lots of offers to buy lots."  He says he owned 12 Leith lots, but isn't sure how many he has left, which signals to him there are lots of people out there who think like he does.

Some locals, however, do not.  "I didn't realize he was so extreme, you see.  Cause he was just, there was just no reasoning at all," says L.D. Steinmetz of nearby Carson.  "In the long run, we're just hoping that the man's plans don't materialize and we can continue to have the nice little, friendly, promoting love community, rather than hate, that we've got now," says Paul Ferrie, a Leith resident.

Though he was fired from his oil country job, kicked off Facebook, and, he says, banned from entering many European Union countries, Craig Cobb plans to keep busy managing his website and spreading his pro-white message.


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