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Width Restrictions at Interstate 94 Construction Site

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There's several road construction projects across the western part of the state right now, but one site is causing a little more chaos than most.

Some oversized vehicles have tried to squeeze through this one cone zone in oil country and ended up putting a halt to all of interstate.

There's a lot of oil traffic moving across western North Dakota and it gets pretty hectic between Dickinson and Taylor.

Construction crews are working to smooth out interstate, but have hit some major speed bumps in the process.

"We've actually had about six loads that have gotten stuck in there within the last week." says Lt. Norman Ruud, North Dakota Highway Patrol.

A small construction site on a bridge has drivers down to 35 miles per hour, but some are not seeing the width restriction signs before barreling through.

"Prior to coming into that location, there is a sign that indicates that all loads exceeding ten feet six inches should exit at the Taylor exit." says Ruud.

A detour designed for them that several oversized drivers are passing by.

Troopers even had to respond to four oversized loads in one day.

"We actually had to shut the interstate down, turn the loads around and were able to get them out of there... We had a couple of houses that were stuck in there last week, they actually sat until today... We probably had 4,5 troopers in the area just to do the shutdown and get everybody turned around and get things cleared up."

In these instances, it takes a lot of time and energy to get traffic moving again.

Ironic, since for many drivers, time is money.

That's why they're being cautioned to slow down and read the signs.

"The biggest thing is it causes a little bit of chaos in that area, and anytime you've got construction, which causes some chaos anyway, and then you've got this, it has the potential to be life threatening, but fortunately in these cases we didn't have any injuries or even any crashes." says Lt. Ruud.

Lt. Ruud says all of the offending drivers did have valid permits but still receive a one hundred dollar citation.

There could be width restrictions in both lanes of that interstate project until the end of September.

There is a marked detour for all loads exceeding 10.5 feet near the Gladstone/Taylor exit.

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