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Cash Mob Coming to Burglarized Businesses in Downtown Mandan

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Three downtown businesses in Mandan get robbed early Monday morning with no arrests made so far.

In one business, a safe was broken, and in another, the cash register was smashed.

In all three, the small business owners feel violated by what happened, but there is a bright side to all of this.

"Actually it was our two year anniversary on Monday and then what do we do, we get robbed." says Sue "Susi Q" Hoffman.

Susi Q's Craft Emporium has had a bad start to the workweek.

Someone broke in and stole more than 600 dollars from the till.

Susi Q's, Sweet Beginnings Bakery and the Harvest Brazilian Grille are all missing some hard-earned cash after someone broke into the three downtown Mandan businesses between six and seven a.m. Monday morning.

"Mandan's working hard to get businesses in, and you have a good business opens up, and then you have someone come in and do this to them,it's like a punch in the stomach to some of these owners." says Detective Jason Neuberger, Mandan Police Department.

"You feel very violated, you feel an invasion of your space." says Tami Helmers, Sweet Beginnings owner.

Money was stolen from all three business, and as detectives investigate the crime, the small business owners count their blessings.

"I just have to consider ourselves lucky they came in, they took what they needed and they left." says Helmers.

Some customers and strangers are trying to earn back a pride in the downtown community.

"Michelle and I both love our downtown spaces and small-town businesses, and want to support them." says Beth Schatz Kaylor, Mandan Cash Mob organizer.

"I hope we clear their shelves, I want everything sold out, that would be great." says Michelle Farnsworth and Beth Schatz Kaylor.

Michelle and Beth have started a Mandan Cash Mob facebook event, for everyone to go shop at these stores on Tuesday October 1st.

Turning what started as a bad start to the week into a great example of support.

"I cried--I don't even know some of these people and they're putting this on to help us come through this." says Hoffman.

"I'm so thrilled and it's so cool that these gals or people, whoever they are are coming here and are going to do whatever they do and I'm excited to see it." says Helmers.

"With one bad person there's 100 good people behind them..." says Hoffman.

if anyone has information call Mandan police and ask for Detective Neuberger.

To get involved in the cash mob, there is an event on facebook, just search Mandan Cash Mob, or just show up to go shopping on Tuesday October 1st.

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