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Rain Hampers Harvest


Inches of rain puts harvest on hold.
Some areas in Kidder county have received 5 inches in the past 10 days.
Ag Reporter Sarah Gustin takes you to the saturated fields near Steele.

It's pretty quite at the local elevator. 
Water is setting in the streets.
And harvest is on hold.
(Kenny Meier / Farmer) "Now I don't know what we are going to do. because water is setting in the fields, to get trucks in and out is gonna be a little nerve racking."
(Sarah Gustin / sgustin@kxnet.com) "Puddles like this are a common sight in both fields that are harvested and those that aren't harvested. Leaving many producers wondering when things will air out enough so that they can get back in and get to work."
Kenny Meier farms north of Steele.
Meier says this is one of the wettest falls he can remember in his years of farming.
(Kenny Meier / Farmer) "We started planting wheat and it was dry and it was going good. It started raining and we could hardly get back to planting. Started planting beans, started fighting to get them in. beginning of the year, I didn't think we would have any prevented planting. here we ended up with prevented planting.We just couldn't get in."
A wet spring, dry summer and wet fall has made 2013 one of the record books.
While this much rain before harvest creates a lot of worry about getting the crop off, it's hard to wish away rain drops that mother nature didn't send all summer.
(Kenny Meier / Farmer) "Since the end of June didn't hardly had no rain at all, just some showers. And then you could tell that the fields that had extra showers that the yields were better. But yeah, it was unbelievable that it could just shut off and now rain and it doesn't want to quit."
(Penny Nester / Kidder Co. Extension Agent) "It really hampers harvest, but when you look at next years crops. It's kinda encouraging because we are going to replace that subsoil moisture that we lost this year with such dry summer conditions."
(Kenny Meier / Farmer) "After harvest would have been great. But it's welcome for next year. It's building subsoil that part is going to be nice for next spring. But I guess we will deal with it as it comes."
Taking it as it comes...means expecting to wait at least 5 days before these machines get moving on these corn stalks again.

Nester says much of the county has received more than 2 inches of rain in the past 2 days.
She says many producers are worried about flooding in their soybean fields, which can damage bean quality.


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