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Calf Stress in Wet Conditions


Rainy conditions and wet corrals are bad news for calves.

Many producers are getting ready or have already weaned their calves this fall.
Missouri Valley Veterinarian Russ Voigt says it's best if producers can wait a few days to avoid the muddy and wet, conditions to avoid stressing calves.
Voigt says make sure calves have good quality hay, a dry spot to lay down and are protected from the wind.
He says treating the entire pen of calves with an antibiotic might also be a good idea.

(Dr. Russ Voigt / Missouri Valley Vet) "If you are watching for sick calves, I would have people get a little more aggressive as far as treating. Pulling earlier, treating sick calves earlier than normal. Because you are going to see more of those down ears, dry noses just standing off by themselves. Treating them right away, rater than seeing if they are going to turn around."

For those cows out grazing, Voigt cautions producers to keep a close eye on the herd.
Voigt says nitrates could still be in re growth in harvested fields.
And the grass is lush and green during this wet fall.

 (Dr. Russ Voigt / Missouri Valley Vet) "Occasionally we will see some a typical pneumonia lush green grass. It's pretty rare, but that's something to look out for too. If you lose any animals, whether it's cows out on forage, or calves in a lot. It's always good to get them posted just to make sure we know exactly what happened and it helps to make a plan for the future and it can help you correct any problems with that pen of calves."

Voigt says healthy calves will perform better and will be worth more money--sometimes more than 100 dollars more than sick calves.


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