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Siblings Reunite for the First Time


The past year has brought unimaginable joy to one family.

Five siblings from North Dakota, Tennessee, and California are reunited...

for the very first time.

Stephanie Scheurer has the story.

Deirdre Handtmann has always known she was adopted...

She met her biological mother 19 years ago-- But had no idea--she had a lot more family-- until her mother passed away in January.

Deidre's sister Buddine saw her biological mother's obituary and called the funeral home--to put her in contact with Deidre.

"Once my sister from Dickinson found me, I just felt like there were others and we went through Catholic Family Services out of Fargo and they found them all for me," Deidre Handtmann.

By them, she means her four other full blood siblings.

All of them reunited for the very first time this week.

(Nat: meeting at airport...)

"We've talked to each other on the phone quite a bit, you know, before so we all know we're siblings but it's fantastic," says Buddine.

John and Buddine have even lived in the same town for years and never new they were siblings.

"I'd seen Buddine here for years at Walmart and I didn't have a clue," says John.

They all went through DNA tests and all five brothers and sisters are full siblings.

"I was numb. I don't know why I never knew," says Handtmann.

"We all have wonderful lives, we all have wonderful families and now it just grew. And it's even more wonderful," says John Blankendaal.

Even though they just met, you would never be able to tell that they never knew each other growing up.

But it's a sibling bond that will forever be unbreakable.

"I just love every one of these siblings and I can't wait to be a part of their lives for the rest of my life," says John.

In Bismarck for KX News, I'm Stephanie Scheurer.

Deirdre says they don't know why her mother gave up her five children for adoption.

She grew up with two brothers and one sister in her adoptive family.

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