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Leith City Commission Meeting Gets Out of Hand


The small town of Leith North Dakota makes the news again.

On Friday night the Leith city commission meeting was interrupted by one of the town's newest members.

The new resident is one of the white supremacists planning to take over the town's government.

<<Kynan Dutton moved to Leith from Oregon earlier this month with his wife and five children.

Friday night he entered the Leith Town Hall loud and obnoxious.

"Using a lot of profanity calling people's names getting in their faces," Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay said.

Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay received a call from Leith's mayor saying their meeting was being disrupted by an intoxicated individual.

"Then I went in and confronted him and tried to get him calmed down and tell him he could stay at the meeting, it's a public meeting but he'd have to sit down and be recognized when it was his turn to speak," Bay said.

But Dutton didn't listen, so Bay was forced to kick him out of the meeting.

"He is of the same mind frame that they are they have intentions of hopefully taking over the town according to them and that's why he's here, he came here to visit Mr. Cobb and help out with that situation."

"He'd stand there and say no, no, no," Nettie Ketterling said.

Nettie Ketterling owns the bar in Leith and attended Friday's meeting and left soon after Dutton started making a scene.

"I deal with a lot of people here, but if he'd acted like that here in the bar, I'd kicked him out," Ketterling said.

Ketterling has lived in Leith for 24 years and is fed up with what's going on in the small town.

"It's sad, it's sad that a little town like Leith has to get notoriety out of hate, rather than something good, you know, we're just not that kind of people," Ketterling said.

Since the incident Dutton's wife and three of the children have left and moved back to Oregon.

Dutton and the other two children are still living in Leith.>>

Bay says they've made several welfare checks to Dutton's home since the incident on Friday.

He says as of late the Sheriff's Department has been giving Leith extra patrol time.


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