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Adjustable Workstations Improve Health


For many of us, our jobs require much sitting...

sitting at our desks, cubicles, typing on the computer...

But you may be surprised to hear that long term sitting can lead to health problems.

You may think you do your best work when you're sitting.


"Einstein said he was walking when e equals mc squared came to him," says Jeanne DeKrey, Occupational Health Coordinator and Physical Therapist, St. Alexius Medical Center.

We normally spend roughly 8 hours a day at work...many of us sitting at a desk or cubicle.

But you could be putting your health at risk.

Some businesses are now switching to something different.

"The motorized mechanism can be situated either on the left or the right side depending on the individual. And it's electrical so it's not battery operated. It's very quiet, very smooth flowing. It's not a bumpy jolt up or down so it's very fluid," says Teresa Chrest, Office Manager, Bartlett & West.

Bartlett & West get to try out one of these standing work stations for a few weeks.

And just in this short time, workers are noticing the many benefits of having the option to change how they work.

"Your posture standing up, the lung capacity that you get, the circulation, improved circulation and just overall your core and how that affects your posture and well being," says Chrest.

Stand-up: "The Centers for Disease Control say a sedentary lifestyle is equal to a pack a day smoking habit, which can put you at risk for cardiovascular disease."

"Kind of hard to believe and probably if you're sitting seven or more hours a day and by the time you add up your commute, the time that you're at work, the time that you're either on your computer at home, playing video games doing other things - most of us are sitting probably seven to 10 hours every day," says DeKrey.

DeKrey says the most important thing is that we add movement to our daily lives.

And simply standing up can help us get down to business.

In Bismarck for KX News, I'm Stephanie Scheurer.

DeKrey says there are other things you can do throughout the course of your work day to increase movement...

Every time your phone rings, stand up to answer it, put your printer across the room from your computer, or set your calendar to remind you every 30 minutes to get up and move.

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