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Fred Fridley spends 4 decades with Watford City Wolves

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Bismarck, ND -

Watford City is busting at the seams with new growth.
But some things have remained the same, Fred Fridley Sr. has been the head football coach since 1972
Tradition runs as deep as oil in Wolves territory.

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: Watford City has been making headline for its oil boom. The school has exploded from 500 students to more than 1,000 in just 3 years.

Fred Fridley Sr.-Watford City Head Coach, 42 years: I could go down to the sports bar I knew 95 percent of the people, now if I know 10 percent of the people I'm lucky

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: In four decades Fridley has won 9 state titles and become the face of Watford City athletics.

Fred Fridley Sr.-Watford City Head Coach, 42 years: I coached their dads every one of them, one of the players is even third generation, so I had the kid his dad and his grandpa all played for me you don't see that very often either

Brandon Allex-Watford City Running Back: he's a great coach, he knows what to call all the time and its been an honor to be coached by him all these years

Andrew Sampsel-Watford City Lineman: hearing how much history here in the school all our other coaches have been coached by him and a lot of my buddies dads have been coached by him and its just crazy to think how long he's been around here

Fred Fridley Sr.-Watford City Head Coach, 42 years: a lot of people ask me influx of new students our football program right now I have one new kid that's starting for me most of the new kids involved in sports are younger generation,

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: Brendon Leaming from Idaho is the first oil boom athlete to start for the Wolves. Although its been a big change, he's been quickly embraced.

Brendon Leaming-Moved from Idaho, Watford City CB: its a lot smaller and more tight knit I was from a 5 A school. I've fit in with everyone that plays sports here, that's what footballs done for me

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: It doesn't take a new player long to discover what makes the Wolves successful.

Fred Fridley Sr.-Watford City Head Coach, 42 years: the quality of our football kids is the same today as it was 20 years ago, they're hard working kids they have the senior leadership the younger kids see that and they kind of take over for the next senior group and the next senior group

Tia Streeter-KX Sports: The winningest coach in North Dakota history says its not the win he wants to be remembered for.

Fred Fridley Sr.-Watford City Head Coach, 42 years: the funnest guy a guy could play for, win or lose its fun to win, lets say we made the game fun and that's the most important thing, the last thing we always tell our kids before we go out on the field, lets go have fun tonight.

    Fridley says like every year he will decide in the off season whether he is ready yet to retire.
    Fridley is currently at 321 wins---the most of any coach in North Dakota history.
    Watford City plays Beulah tomorrow night, both teams are in the playoffs, but the winner receives the 3 seed.

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