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Ten Watercolor Paintings in Ten Days

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A local artist, Ric Sprynczynatyk, is creating ten new works of art in ten days.

Although you can count on his original style, many of his pieces should look familiar.

He has worked all around the world, but Bismarck, North Dakota native Ric Sprynczynatyk is also used to working in the home he grew up in.

You may have already seen his work around Bismarck without even realizing it.

"Space Aliens was one of the first ceilings I got to do locally... Fiesta Villa, we did the ceiling, I did the sky at the airport."

Sprynczynatyk has painted the ceilings of some well-known buildings around town.

"People call me the sky man or star guy or whatever."

Already established as the sky guy, he is taking his talents to new heights.

Painting ten homes in ten days.

"There's a difference between being an artist and a working artist, working artist is thinking what's next, what's next, who can I connect with, that's why a project like this comes to fruition." says Sprynczynatyk, artist/muralist.

Each of the ten paintings are landmarks from well-known TV shows and movies.

"My kids really gave me a lot of tips, because they really know a lot more than I do about this." says Ric.

"I just finished Breaking Bad, that's the one I recommended, but I really like that one, but I also really like the Boo Radley house, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is kind of a family thing." says Sam Sprynczynatyk, Ric's son.

"My favorite movie of all time is to Kill a Mockingbird, so I saw it when I was six years old and I watch it every year." says Ric.

He's capturing a piece of many favorite movies that you can now hang on your wall.

"I just pretend that I'm there and that's how it works out, just make them as warm as possible, something anybody can enjoy." says Ric.

"If any artist did it, it would be something I would be interested in and I'd want to buy, so seeing my dad doing it and accomplishing things on his own with our help, feels kind of cool." says Sam.

Cool and inspirational.

Artwork may be in Ric's blood, but creativity runs in the family.

"Teach my kids to do the same thing, whatever they're doing, teach yourself, as much as you can." says Ric.

"Ever since anything I would get into, whether it be my skateboarding, my filmmaking, my music, he always pushed me to keep doing it and not care what other people think, and to not be self-conscious, just do it because you love it." says Sam.

And so for Ric's masterpiece, an image of a loving home, that has a lasting impression on those who matter most.

Spynczynatyk is next traveling to Japan for another "sky" job.

His kids are helping him get the word out about his ten paintings in ten days on social media.

If you want to check them out, you can visit his studio at 1108 North 13th Street.

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