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Revisiting the Legend of Bismarck's "Stack Monster"

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Liberty Memorial Building (State Library) Liberty Memorial Building (State Library)

If you haven't been in North Dakota long, you may not have heard the legend of the "Stack Monster" who once resided in the State Library on the Capitol grounds.

"It was always thought that maybe there was a person there, but then you'd go and investigate and there was nothing, and so the question is where did it come from?" says Ronald Warner, Administrative Officer, State Historical Society of North Dakota.

The legend of the North Dakota "Stack Monster" -- but it's only part legend, when employees through the years bear witness to the same strange happenings. 

Coughs, creaks and footsteps.  It was the 1970s and it's still unexplained here in the Liberty Memorial Building, former home the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

"I've experienced things in this building back in the late '60s and early '70s.  If you would come in after work, maybe at 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock, maybe you came in off the road, and you would hear unexplained noises that weren't necessarily associated with a building creek and it could be somebody, sounding like somebody was coughing, maybe somebody was clearing their throat.  You could also hear footsteps.  And it would happen to a number of different people at different times," says Warner.

Human beings weren't the only ones to notice.  "Former director of the State Historical Society came in one time with his dog, and the dog's hair stood on end and you know, dogs are pretty, they kind of know what's going on and they couldn't quite explain what was happening."

Because there was no explanation, employees dubbed the phenomenon the "Stack Monster."  "A part of the building has stacks where we used to stack books, and we said the 'Stack Monster' probably lived back in this area, because he could roam freely up and down between the various stairs" -- where the floor is open to the floors below.

Employees also reported the South entrance doors opening on their own and an unknown man walking from the elevator to the storage room.  

Though the Stack Monster has been quiet for decades, the question remains, where did all those sounds come from?  "There was never any explanation as to why it was happening," says Warner.

Some say once bones archaeologists were studying in the building were properly interned, visits from the Stack Monster ceased.  

At least for now, all is quiet at the Liberty Memorial Building, current home of the State library.


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