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Tigirlily balances sports. music and school

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Bismarck, ND -

    Life can be a balancing act-- especially for high school athletes.
    Jon Schaeffer has the story on how two small town North Dakota sisters are balancing their pursuit of a musical dream and playing High School sports.

(Kendra Slaubaugh/Tigirlily) "It's so different sports is a lot more physical where as singing is a lot more mental, but sports also has a lot of mental in it as well."

(Krista Slaubaugh/Tigirlily) " I definitely like to be involved in everything that I can so it's definitely nice to get a variety, do music one day sports the next."

For the Slaubaugh sisters-- sports has been as much a part of their lives as pursuing their careers as the musical duo--Tigirlily.

(KENDRA)"Sometimes it does get hard to manage the sports and the music and the school and just everything. but we don't really know any different. It's just kind of how we have always done things, school, and practice after school, then when we get home, eat supper, and practice music. It's just that's our daily routine."

Kendra who's a senior just wrapped up her cross country season for Beulah/Hazen with a state meet appearance

(KENDRA) "Running 2 and a half miles in a meet and say 4 miles for practice or 6 miles or whatever we do it's tough, but it's physically and mentally made me a lot stronger."

Her younger sister Krista who's a sophomore plays volleyball for the Bison
While Krista and Kendra do their own thing in the fall for sports-- When winter rolls around they're sharing more than just a mic.

(KENDRA AND KRISTA)"I like playing basketball with Krista because as sisters we have that, read each other's minds. I know if she's, (KRISTA) bounce pass into the post. (KENDRA) yea like cut and go you know so we kind of read each other a little bit better and have a little more natural instinct, chemistry obviously because we are sisters."

As Tigirlily-- Krista and Kendra have almost 44 thousand Twitter followers.
Their You Tube videos total over 1.1 million views-- and they've opened concerts for Chris Cagle, Thompson Square and Gwen Sebastian.
Their growing popularity has them recognized most places they go-- even when they're not singing.

(KENDRA)"At some of the games sometimes the cheering section for the other team will shout like hey tigirlily or they'll just say stuff like that so it's fun to see that. Everyone around here knows us as Kendra and Krista as well too so it's nice. It's just nice to see everyone and it is fun to see when people are like hey tigirlily what's up"

Tigirlily has made plenty of memories with their growing success in music-- but there is still one memory left that Krista and Kendra want to achieve together, not as Tigirlily but as a part of Hazen High School.

(KENDRA AND KRISTA) "Kendra is a senior and I'm a sophomore, it's kind of her last chance basically at winning a state title and that would be just awesome just to have that just to represent our school and it'd be awesome. Definitely going to state would be something we'd remember forever and it would be so awesome."

For KX Sports Jon Schaeffer.

    Kendra graduates in the spring and heads off to college--however the girls still plan to continue their music career.

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