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Hit & Run: Good Samaritan Risks Life to Save Victim; Status of Unsolved Case

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A man severely injured in a hit-and-run says a guardian angel saved his life.  

When his scooter is rear-ended near UTTC by what officials believe was a pick-up truck, the impact is so severe, the scooter driver was found over 180 feet from the point of impact.  KX introduces you to that man -- and to the Good Samaritan who risked her own safety to help a stranger:

"Who's the angel?"

Twenty-seven staples, five busted ribs and numerous broken facial bones later, a man severely injured in a hit-and-run says a guardian angel saved his life.  

In the early morning hours on October 27th, while it was still dark, John Grover Wanecke was northbound on Highway 1804 near United Tribes coming from his job at University of Mary.  He was on a small scooter.

Suddenly, he was rear-ended.  The driver never stopped -- but someone else did.  "This lady just stopped after I failed in getting 911 and just passed out.  So she showed up shortly after and called 911."

The Good Samaritan, who risked her own safety to help a stranger, turns out to be a local nurse.  John is lucky, because she was able to assist him before he was run over again -- though at first, she thought John was a deer.

"I see a hand in the air, so I whip my car around and I park in front of us, because he's in the middle of the road, so I got out and I ran.  I got his head wrapped up in a t-shirt," says Mandy Schauer, Registered Nurse -- and Good Samaritan.

But John cannot remember what she looks like -- and doesn't know her name.  "Don't know.  Just heard her voice.  Kinda saw her run up to me, said 'oh, you've got a big cut there on your head.  I think I should probably go get something there in the car to put pressure on it before the ambulance comes.'"  

As for the hit-and-run driver, John says he's not angry.  "I'm not happy with this person, but this person needs to turn himself in.  He's still out there, so anybody could be next."

"I'm so glad he's okay.  Being a nurse, I always want to help people and I'm more than willing," says Mandy.
Still, John says, "I want to thank her."

If she's watching, John, you just did.

Doctors at St. Alexius tell John he has at least eight weeks of healing ahead of him -- but is expected to make a full recovery.

  Currently, John Wanecke's hit and run case is still open -- and unsolved.  Though the scooter was pretty busted up, it left no evidence such as a paint transfer, to help identify the vehicle that hit Wanecke.   However, the Highway Patrol believes the hit-and-run driver left behind an important clue.  

"We found this, what it is a grill piece off a Ford Super Duty pick-up truck. We were lucky enough, there's a VIN on the back of it.  So we brought it to a local body shop and they ran the VIN, and it comes back to a Ford Super Duty pick-up with a 2008 to 2010 manufacturer date range," says Jeremy Rost, Trooper, North Dakota Highway Patrol.

The Highway Patrol says it's not likely someone would have been unaware they struck a person on a scooter. They're asking for your help in apprehending the perpetrator.  

If you've seen a 2008 to 2010 Ford Super Duty pick-up truck with a broken grill, contact the Highway Patrol at 701-328-5590.

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