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Fake iPhone Can Hack Your Personal Information


Many of us have seen or even own an iPhone.

The smart phone allows us to talk, text and surf the web, but if put in the wrong hands it can easily hack into your business or home computer.

Tonight we begin a series on how computer hackers are able to get into your personal information without you knowing.

<<If you see an iPhone laying in the parking lot, or at a table in the conference room, you might think you're doing the right thing by finding out who the phone belongs to.

"The first thing they'll do when they see a dead iPhone is they'll usually take it to their desk plug it into their computer and charge it, and that's when the malicious payload would be run on their computer," Systems Network Analyst Weston Hecker said.

Hecker says instead of plugging the phone into a computer, you should plug it into a wall charger, and if it doesn't boot up or take a charge, you know you've been hacked.

"Basically this is a fake iPhone, this is the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, and they've actually been modified to have what is called a10C3.0 in the bottom and it's just a computer chip where it can trick it into thinking it's any device," Hecker said.

Once this fake iPhone is plugged into a computer, hackers are easily able to get information.

"Literally you can load what is called a remote administration tool and you can do anything that you could as if you were physically at the computer, so you can catch keystroke information, usernames, passwords and in malicious hands it would be very detrimental to a business," Hecker said.

So what may look like an actual phone, might be a device stealing your information.

A kind deed that could end up costing you or your business its identity.>>

Hecker is a Certified Ethical Hacker which means businesses hire him and give him authority to test their business.

Hecker does what anyone off the street would do to try and attack their network.

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