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Keeping Your Home Network Secure


Most of us have wireless Internet in our homes, which allows us to surf the web from any place in the house.

But how secure is your home network, and how easy is it for someone to gather your personal information from your home?

Tonight we continue our series on how computer hackers are able to get into your personal information, without you knowing.

<<The first step to ensuring your home wireless network is secure is by making sure it has a password.

Weston Hecker with KLJ says never use default passwords.

He says the best thing to do is increase the strength of your password by adding a phone number to the end of it.

"You go from you know 37 seconds it takes to guess this password to several million years," Systems Network Analyst Weston Hecker said.

Hackers are easily able to find wireless networks in a city like Bismarck and find which ones don't have a password and log into that network and steal information.

"Those Google Image trucks that drive around they capture all the BSI or Broadcast Service Id's so that's like the name of your actual wireless, it caught all that information when it drove down sixth street," Hecker said.

Once a hacker has found a wireless network with no password, or an easy password they can break, they're able to see every move you make on your home network.

"Everybody sets their home wireless access points so you're able to go find out where that person lives on the map and sniff out their Internet traffic, you're able to get the passwords they use at work you know so there are several ways that people need to like securing their homes as if it were their businesses."

Security that could save you and your business from being hacked.

"A lot of people are bringing their work computers home so it is something that you know it's more than just your information it could be an entire network," Hecker said.>>

We want to remind you that Hecker is a Certified Ethical Hacker which means businesses hire him and give him authority to test their business.

Hecker does what anyone off the street would do to try and attack their network.

To contact him with any questions you can email him at

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