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Keeping Pets Warm in the Cold


Temperatures dipping into the negative double digits and wind chills in the negative 30s and 40s aren't just too cold for you, but also for your pet.
Reporter Sarah Gustin has tips on how to keep your four legged friend warm this winter.

No doubt, it's cold outside.
And pets like these need protection.
Nancy Gerhardt is a pet trainer at PetSmart in Bismarck.
Gerhardt says even temperatures in the teens are cold for small dogs and those with thin hair coats. 
(Nancy Gerhardt / PetSmart Pet Trainer)"Your heavier coated dogs, your huskies and saint Bernhards, they can be out all day practically. The only thing you want to watch is their paws. The ice can get in the paws and can crack and do a lot of damage."
Gerhardt recommends protecting those paws with booties or with paw wax.
Because even when it's this cold, your pet still needs exercise.
(Nancy Gerhardt / PetSmart Pet Trainer) "Just like us, hypothermia. They can get frost bite. The only thing you really want to watch if you take your dog out, especially if it is outside of your yard is if you are walking down the street with them and they get into the ice melt and that block salt gets on their paws, They come and lay down and lick that and they start vomiting, they can get very, very sick and they can die."  
She says "pet safe ice melt" is also available for pet owners.
And just like you wouldn't want to step out without a jacket...neither should your dog. 
(Nancy Gerhardt / PetSmart Pet Trainer)"It's just like us you don't want to wear your coat in the house, because then you are too hot and you are sweating. And you are going to catch cold faster. It's easier if they have something along the line of a coat, this one has a nice lining. It is easy to put on and off. This one is waterproof, if they are out playing and it gets wet, it's ok." 
Gerhardt says shivering and carrying one paw in the air are sure signs your dog is cold.

Gerhardt recommends when it's this cold, to keep walks to 15 to 30 minutes. 


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