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Coyotes Move In Too Close for Comfort

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One predator is getting too close for comfort for some ranchers.
Ag Reporter Sarah Gustin takes you south of Steele, where coyotes are moving in.

It's a predator many farmers have been battling for years....coyotes.
 (Jeff Schneider / Rancher) "If there is a calf, that is weak or sick they can sure get them and the other thing if they start coming in the year, they can spook them. It's just problems. They just cause a lot of problems."
Jeff Schneider ranches south of Steele near Kintyre.
Schneider says years ago they never used to hear coyotes.
He says now they hear them all the time and even see them wandering around near the yard.
 (Jeff Schneider / Rancher) "There is a lot of them around. I know the other day when we were feeding a couple of them came right in the trees there. There's definitely a lot of them around. We calve part of our group in the fall and you see them run around in the pastures. There is a lot of them around."
And with calving starting in just a few months, Schneider doesn't want them around.
 (Jeff Schneider / Rancher) "If something dies, it sure doesn't take them long. It's amazing how they are able to sense that out. For the most part they won't. But if they get in a big enough pack and they are hungry enough, they sure will take down something that is weak." 
(Sarah Gustin / "And every ranchers biggest worry is that coyotes are going to move from the field into the yard." 
Just a few miles up the road Dana Svanes has the same concern.
(Dana Svanes / Rancher) "They have taken down calves. Anytime that you have an animal that has gone down. in just no time at all the coyotes have cleaned them up and there is nothing left but a whole bunch of bones.
Svanes says he's seen as many as 5 in a pack at a time.
"(Dana Svanes / Rancher) It's been a few months because of the cold. I have seen them running around and there are some rather large ones around too." 
  A major problem that's eating up profit.


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