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Neighbor Extinguishes Family's Porch Fire With Snow

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The deck of a trailer home starts on fire with a family sleeping inside.

But thanks to the quick action of a neighbor, the fire gets extinguished before spreading to the interior.

"Well I got up at and I went out on the deck like I usually do every morning and I just happened to look across the street and there's a bunch of flames and fire." says Bo Morris, Extinguished neighbor's house fire--by shoveling snow on it.

It was his instinct to go try and put out a fire on the neighbor's porch before calling 911.

"There was really no danger for me I could have walked away from it, I was trying to wake up the house." says Bo.

There was a family sleeping inside, unaware of the fire.

Bo's quick thinking might be described as heroic.

"I just ran over there and grabbed a shovel and put it out." he says.

He grabbed a shovel nearby and scooped snow onto the flames to extinguish the fire.

"I think it could have been a lot worse." says Bo.

The family which includes small children who lives in the house chose not to speak on camera.

They would say however, how thankful they were that it did not turn out worse, and how it was a lesson learned on fire safety.

The father actually met Bo for the first time today, to thank him.

"He said he wanted to meet me... Yeah he thanked me..." says Bo.

"Had he not been there, who knows..." says Shirley Morris, Bo's mom.

Bos' mom Shirley knows how devastating a fire can be.

Before Bo was born, she lost her trailer home to one in Bismarck.

"The water pipes froze up and we were trying to unthaw them and insulation caught on fire and yep, 15 minutes it was gone." says Shirley.

"They say trailer houses go up really fast." says Bo.

All the more reason why a neighbor helping a neighbor might make for an extra happy New Year this year.

"I said, oh my goodness, I'm so glad you were there, it was meant to be, he was supposed to be out on the deck at that particular time and do what he needed to do." says Shirley.

"I don't know kind of a good feeling, I was really pumped up afterwards." says Bo.

"It was a good thing he did, and I think he's a hero too." says Shirley.

The homeowner says the fire started from some burnt plastic that was put outside.

Fire crews also quickly responded to the house fire because another neighbor had called them.

According to the father of the family, a fire responder told them they were very lucky.

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