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Battling the Bitter Morning

Battling the Bitter Morning

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Bitter cold -- even for North Dakota standards -- continued its stranglehold on the region Monday.

Air temps hovered around twenty below, with wind chill factors reaching fifty below and worse.

Still, much of the city was moving like normal today...or at least trying to.

Perry Olson was out this morning as many faced Mother Nature head on.

(Perry Olson - KX News) "On this Monday morning in ND it is so cold you wear whatever you have. For instance...two hats...and two sets of gloves. Anything you can to handle this bitterly cold weather. As cold as people who have lived here for a long time have ever felt it. Have you felt worse?"

(Christy Emke - Minot) "I don't think so. I have lived here awhile and this is doing it pretty good. This is as bad as it has gotten..."

So cold eyes almost immediately watered up Monday -- some of course were forced outside...trying to fire up frozen rides...

(Brian Danaher - Minot) "No, nothing is happening is too cold out here for it. That is for sure."

Brian Danaher called on his employer for some help -- the portable car starter did the job when it was hooked up...

(Brian Danaher - Minot) "Just hope she heats up and I don't have to do this again later today!"

Others managed to get vehicles going...but just barely..

(Mike Schmitt - Minot) "I woke up yesterday with my government vehicle and tried to start it ran but ran hard. Every light on the dash came on like a Christmas tree...same thing today so I nursed it down here about 10mph and hopefully they can get me in!"

Getting in isn't an easy thing this week however...

(Steve Faydo - Harley's) "It would be Friday before I could get something like that done..."

Batteries fly off the shelves when it gets this cold Faydo says...and they were stocked and ready to make those quick fixes happen right away. Of course if all else failed...the cab was always an option -- and a warm one at that. In Minot, Perry Olson, KX News.

City garbage collection was canceled in Minot today, along with schools in Minot and Williston and most towns in the area.

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