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A Day in the Life of a Snow Hauler


It's been a busy season so far for those who work to keep our streets plowed and safe.

And with all of the changes North Dakota is enduring, finding these workers is becoming more difficult.

Trent Guthmiller is the definition of early to bed, early to rise.

While most of us make our daily work commute in the morning sunrise, Trent helps to make that drive easier by removing snow at o'dark thirty.

"You're inside a warm cab (laughs)," says Guthmiller.

Trent has been driving trucks since he was a kid.

Now, he runs the family business - Guthmiller and Son Dirtworks.

This year, the city had difficulty finding drivers so they put out a request for bids to hire local contractors.

Guthmiller and Son was one of the bidders.

"Truck drivers are really hard to come by," says Guthmiller.

"There's been much more flux of our employees, especially in those construction type jobs over the last three years where there's either an opportunity for them to work in the oil field or they're filling the voids of other people that have left to go work in the oil areas," says Jeff Heintz, Director of Service Operations, Public Works.

The hours may also be a deal breaker when it comes to recruiting truck drivers.

But Trent's family knows how much he loves his job.

"It's always hard but, you do what you have to do to keep bills paid and they understand and you always make time for the kids, you know," says Guthmiller.

And retirement isn't even on his radar.

"I'll do this til I die," says Guthmiller.

For Trent, his job is his hobby...and it's all in a day's work.

(Nat radio: "You can all go home. We'll see you all tonight.")

"Sounds good, have a good one," says Guthmiller.

Heintz also wants to remind motorists that their are blind spots in snow plows and other construction vehicles and sometimes it's difficult to see.

He says if you are approaching a plow truck, remember to stay a distance back and to give them room to get their job done.

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