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Duane Ticknor couldn't pass up coaching with Dave Joerger

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Bismarck, ND -

When Dave Joerger became the Memphis Grizzlies head coach, he hand picked his staff.
One member he couldn't leave out, is another former Wizards coach, Duane Ticknor.
His our final piece from my trip to Memphis.

(Tia Streeter-KX Sports) Duane Ticknor has coached at almost every level of the game, college, IBA, CBA, D League, and overseas. But Memphis is Ticknor's first stop in the NBA.

(Duane Ticknor-Memphis Assistant Coach) its not about where you go, but who you're with. I didn't feel like I had to be in the NBA to fulfill my career, everything I've done over the years I've been a minor league lifer. This was all about Dave.

(Dave Joerger-Memphis Head Coach)  He's just whatever is best for the team. He always made me feel good he gave me a chance he's done that with other people and started their careers

(Tia Streeter-KX Sports) Joerger and Ticknor coached just one year together in 1999-2000 in Bismarck. The two bonded over more than just basketball.

(Duane Ticknor-Memphis Assistant Coach)  even before we worked with the same team we always were on the phone anytime of day or night. He was an inquisitive little devil always asking about this or different things until 2 or 3 in the morning.

(Tia Streeter-KX Sports) Duane Ticknor was a mentor for Dave Joerger when he coached the Wizards, but now the tables have turned. But they both say little has changed in their relationship. It still works.

(Duane Ticknor-Memphis Assistant Coach)  its something that we've talked about for a long time when he got the job we never even discussed whether I was coming or not. I was here for the press conference, he was calling me the whole time through. It was when can you be here. We never discussed salary or anything. It was when can you be here. I wanted to be here for him and for me it doesn't matter where we are at as long as were back together

(Dave Joerger-Memphis Head Coach) You always want to go through tough times with people you know have your back I know that he does.

(Tia Streeter-KX Sports) Duane Ticknor has made stops all over the minor leagues, but Memphis he says will be his final job when this opportunity ends, he'll retire. But he couldn't pass up one last run with Dave Joerger. From Memphis, for KX Sports, I'm Tia Streeter

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